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Showcasing the Beauty of Peruvian Horses

Our horse ranch in Hemet, California, shows Peruvian horses and sells to breeders across the nation. Used by ranchers in Peru, this breed with a natural gait and beauty offers an extremely smooth, incredible ride. Each horse has a different personality and is loveable in its own way, including geldings. Early contact with youngsters by a gentle and understanding horse person sends them on their way to becoming a wonderful adult.

The Ranch

Rancho Vista del Valle
The ranch is about 20 acres of fenced and developed land, with an additional 20 acres of undeveloped land. It is situated in a rural area of Hemet. The facility includes a barn, several shed rows, corrals, pastures, round pen, arena and several open training areas. There is also an additional home that is on the property for our trainer.

Our Ranch

Home of Carole & Wally Winn
The Peruvian horse won our hearts in 1995. This is when Carole saw a gorgeous Peruvian stallion for the first time, rode him, and discovered the smoothest-riding horse in the world. She bought him immediately, and our life with Peruvian horses blossomed from that point. We have loved horses all of our lives and owned Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and Appaloosas. When she discovered the Peruvian, our search for the perfect horse ended.

Although we enjoy trail riding, our emphasis from the very beginning has been to produce outstanding show horses. We enjoy the camaraderie and competition of the Peruvian horse shows. To own a Peruvian is like becoming a part of a very exciting and enthusiastic family. We look forward to the shows and seeing the wonderful horses as they compete.

When we started our breeding program, we imported horses from Peru and purchased some outstanding mares with excellent bloodlines. We keep the herd size to around 30, paying careful attention to all of them. Very pleased with our program, we are continuing to make a name for ourselves in the show arenas, particularly with Picanco.

We just love everything about Peruvian horses-their beauty, smoothness, Brio, and wonderful gait. You don't have to take our word for how magnificent Peruvians are, though. We welcome you to visit Rancho Vista del Valle and enjoy the Peruvian experience for yourself. Once you ride one, you will want to own one!

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